[Gifu] Exhibition held on February 23 (Wednesday) (finished)

[Gifu] Exhibition outline

■ Contents

A mini-workshop where you can actually experience indigo dyeing and an “island herb ball” workshop where you can experience the herbs of the island, including talks and videos that introduce our efforts so far. We will exhibit prototypes and works dyed with clothes, accessories, leather, etc. In addition, it is not only the indigo and other vegetation that go around the seasons, but also the fortunes of people. A mini-course on fortune trends and countermeasures in 2022 will also be held. * Please note that the content may vary depending on the situation.

We are currently adjusting the schedule for talks and mini-workshops, so we will post it here as soon as it is decided.

For inquiries about the exhibition, please contact [info@amamiai.com] (Mizutani)