Island herb ball “Kurameguri” wrapped in indigo cloth

A herb ball is made by wrapping several kinds of herbs in a cloth in a round and spherical shape. It is used by warming it with steam and massaging the acupoints of the body. Since ancient times, herbal balls have been used in medicine as a traditional remedy in Thailand. It feels softer on the skin than the direct treatment by hand, and it warms up to the depths of the body, and can be expected to have the effect of improving the disorder. Blended with natural island herbs from Amami’s natural blessings, it is soothing with a gentle and gentle scent.

The wrapped indigo cloth is hand-dyed one by one with Ryukyu indigo, and it is a one-of-a-kind item that is born once in a while. It is a deep blue that makes you feel the sea and sky of Amami and nature. Indigo is also expected to have antibacterial and deodorant effects.

Writer: “Hitsuki Hoshikusa” Rika Mizutani

Moved to Kakeromajima. I was fascinated by Ryukyu Aizen, who I met in Amami Oshima, and I incorporated that charm into my work. Hand-pick the blessings of the rich vegetation brought about by nature and incorporate them into your works and daily life. Workshops utilizing Ryukyu indigo dyeing and island herbs are held in various places. Presides over the herb brand “Sun Moon Star Grass” that delivers the blessings of plants.



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