Indigo dyed leather zipper pouch

A very rare zipper pouch made by hand-dying leather with Ryukyu indigo. The technique of Ryukyu indigo dyeing of leather is difficult, and the creator has independently researched it through trial and error and made efforts to maximize the goodness of indigo. The original taste of leather and the deep blue of indigo combine to express a unique color and texture. There are simple one-color dyeing and slightly unique tie-dye dyeing. With a simple yet timeless design that values functionality, it can be used for various purposes such as coins, card holders, and makeup pouches.

Writer: “ Vediamo ” Eri Kobayashi

Originally a leather shoe craftsman who also worked on custom-made shoes. We produce handmade accessories and accessories using high quality leather. It is a comfortable work with careful consideration in a simple and elegant design.



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