Luminous shell jewelry necklace that shines in indigo cloth

A jewelery necklace of turbomarmoratus that gives off a fantastic light with gorgeous colors. Luminous shellfish is a large snail that lives in warm seas such as Kagoshima and Okinawa. Although it is a very delicious shell for food, it has a beautiful mother-of-pearl inside the shell and has long been prized as a material for ornaments. This luminous shell is also used for the decoration of the Raden on the treasure of Shosoin.

In Amami, the turbomarmoratus has been loved for a long time and is a familiar existence. From the desire to make accessories that look beautiful on indigo cloth, we value the blessings of nature. I asked for production.

When the turbomarmoratus, which has been carefully polished one by one, is matched with indigo clothes, it has an impressive design that mysteriously shines like the moon or the twinkling stars floating in the night sky of Amami.

Writer: “Hitsuki Hoshikusa” Rika Mizutani

Moved to Kakeromajima. I was fascinated by Ryukyu Aizen, who I met in Amami Oshima, and I incorporated that charm into my work. Hand-pick the blessings of the rich vegetation brought about by nature and incorporate them into your works and daily life. Workshops utilizing Ryukyu indigo dyeing and island herbs are held in various places. Presides over the herb brand “Sun Moon Star Grass” that delivers the blessings of plants.