Ryukyu Ai Basho Thread Dream Catcher Earrings & Earrings

Basho that grows naturally in Amami for a long time. Basho thread is made by cutting it down, peeling it, and boiling it in lye to take out the fibers. The banana cloth, which is made by weaving the banana thread, is a light material that allows air to pass through, and has long been loved by the Amami people who spend the hot and humid summer. It is said that the delicate and beautiful texture of the textile was also a tribute to the Satsuma domain and the Chinese dynasty. Since it takes a lot of time and effort to produce, the number of creators is limited and it is a valuable material.

Using Basho thread that makes you feel the rich nature and traditional culture of Amami, it is carefully dyed one by one with Ryukyu indigo and finished as an accessory. The image is a dream catcher called “amulet of happiness”. The design is reminiscent of Japanese patterns and is easy to match with any clothes.

Writer: “Natural cloth shop Noya” Aya Sata
“Nono” is a word that means cloth in Amami. We mainly use natural materials that grow naturally on the island, and while carefully making the best use of their texture, we perform handicrafts such as weaving and dyeing. Using the closed elementary school on Kakeromajima as an atelier, he presides over the “Kakeroma Teshigoto Kobo”, a space where people from the island who make things gather.