Ryukyu indigo dyed organic cotton “five-finger socks” (ladies)

Five-finger socks made by dyeing organic cotton, which is a natural material and gentle on the skin, with Ryukyu indigo one by one . The pattern was added by Indian block printing, sewing technique, and two-color dyeing with different shades. Cute socks that will be an impressive point at your feet.

Indigo has long been used not only as a dye but also as a medicinal plant for detoxification, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and hemostasis. Indigo dyeing is said to have a deodorant effect that suppresses unpleasant odors, a hygienic insect repellent and antibacterial effect on the skin that keeps insects and germs away, and is also suitable for underwear and underwear. The refreshing color is cool in summer, but indigo has a heat-retaining and moisturizing effect, so it can be used in cold weather regardless of the season. The deep, clear blue that makes you feel the nature of Amami will purify your mind and make you feel relaxed just by wearing it.

Writer: “ Natural cloth shop Noya” Aya Sata

“Nono” is a word that means cloth in Amami. We mainly use natural materials that grow naturally on the island, and while carefully making the best use of their texture, we perform handicrafts such as weaving and dyeing. Using the closed elementary school on Kakeromajima as an atelier, he presides over the “Kakeroma Teshigoto Kobo”, a space where people from the island who make things gather.



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